In Love With Your Married Boss? – 5 Things You Must Do

Am In Love With My Boss Who is Married, What Should I Do? – 6 Worthy Answers Being in love with someone else is not a crime; it’s a natura...

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Am In Love With My Boss Who is Married, What Should I Do? – 6 Worthy Answers

Being in love with someone else is not a crime; it’s a natural intimacy with all living creatures ranging from the lower animals to the higher ones (Human beings).

How To Charm A Lady or Man Into Relationship

It’s strongly advisable that you find a means to get this intimacy out of your system without acting upon your feelings for your boss.

Having a relationship with your boss Who is Married can lead to the following :-

*.1 ==> Compromise your career

*.2 ==> Take away your privacy

*.3 ==> Relationships are more likely to fail than succeed. You’re very likely to have to work with your Ex every day if you two don’t work out.

*.4 ==> This situation makes your boss look extremely unprofessional. Being romantically involved with a subordinate is banned in most company policy

*.5 ==> If your boss is married or in a relationship, you’re much more likely to be found out.

*.6 ==> If he does not feel the same way about you, this could be embarrassing.

Wish you all the best as you make your decision. Do realise that moving on is probably best for your happiness over the long term.

Now, since you know what it could lead to, if you are in love with your boss, there must be a way out.

How Can I Overcome The Feelings I Have For My Boss Who is Married?

The following are the best way out for you, if you are in love with your boss:-

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#1. Focus Only On Your Career.

Though falling in love with someone is not a crime but with your boss is a problem.
Your main ambition that triggered you to work under that your boss is to achieve something in life.
Will you give chance for arrant love you have for your boss to be ruling your financial life together with your purpose in life? If your answer is “NO”, then you need to focus on your career.

#2. Keep Distance From Your Boss.

You will continue to have feelings for your boss if you keep seeing him/her often than normal. Try to keep yourself away from him except for anything that has to do with genuine and compulsory “Work”.
Keeping distance from your boss will really help you alot and with time, you will have lest feelings for him/her.

#3. Always Get Yourself Busy, Don’t Stay Idle

Whenever you are alone, don’t just sit down alone but try to always do something. You just be reading, cleaning up the house, listening to music, watching movies or takes to writing.
Why? Because, being alone, you are likely to start thinking of your boss and overthinking may lead you to do something bad.

#4. Hangout With Friends

Friends who were like brothers and sisters will surely help you. With your friends around, you will develop a good social habit and the way you usually feel will totally changed.

Good friends will always makes you feel better and happy, spending more time with them will abolish your boss in your heart.

#5. Get A Relationship Partner.

This is the most effective way out. Getting a partner aside from your boss will surely take away your boss intimate feelings from your heart.

I do believe that you wouldn’t want to practice “Double-Dating”, if you get a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you boss will just be a mere boss but not somebody who will be disturbing your heart and feelings.

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