Bible and Science – How Are They Related?

How The Bible and Science Are Related Today is the first theoretical lesson I pledged I will be sharing with you…

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How The Bible and Science Are Related

Today is the first theoretical lesson I pledged I will be sharing with you…

Let quickly talk about the “Bible and Science”..
Why did I bring up this topic?

We all know that the only book of wisdom used by Christians is the “Bible” and in the world nowadays, “Sciences” with full support of Technology is gradually dominating the world.

But, that doesn’t mean that the bible has no usefulness in the world today. In fact, God have said in the bible about different things that Scientists have now discovered. Some of these discovery by Scientists are already in the bible which I will say with absolute truth that “The Bible’s Contents are Scientifically sound and proof right on human researches and discoveries”.

Ask me about the Evidence(s)….

I will just mention and proof three evidences…..
Let move on;

•1. Shape of the Earth: The “Bible” explained in “Isaiah 40:22” that the shape of the earth is something like a “Spherical Object”. But, in the olden days, they believed that the earth is “Flat”.
After 200 years that the bible says that the earth is spherical in shape, the Greeks philosophers reasoned with it and they abide with it.
Now to “Science”… In science, no observation is right with a proof or an Evidence. How do science believed that the earth is truly spherical in shape?
About 300 years after the Greek philosophers reasoned with the bible’s shape, a well-known Greek astronomer successfully calculated the radius of the earth. Note this, in Mathematics, we only have radius of a circular or spherical shape.
And since then, invention of Aircraft began.

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•2. Earth in Space: The bible says in “Job 26:7” that the Earth rest on nothing in the space. Thousands of years ago, a popular Greek philosopher told the people of that time that the Earth rest on something like egg and tortoise.
Well, it’s very hard to believe as we can say it’s more than impossible but in the olden days, they believed whatever a “Philosopher” says because there is nothing like Science then.
To cut the long story short, how did “Science” vindicated that the Earth rests on nothing? About several years that the people of that old generation believed in that fallacy, a popular scientist (Sir I. Newton) experimented on this and the result was proved that the Earth and other planetary bodies rest on “Nothing” in The outer space.
After Isaac Newton’s experiment and proof, that former Greek philosopher (G.G) who said the earth rest on shell of tortoise and egg was arrested for confusing people.


•3. Life of Animals: Here, I will use “Hare”..
In “Leviticus 11:6”, the bible says “The hare… Is a chewer of the cud.” This particular verse was practically and theoretically criticized but as times goes on, a great Zoologist, William Cowper proved this in the 18th century. Another prove to this was basically explained in a book called “Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, Vol. 110, Series A, Page 159-163.”
And now, Animals can be categorized under Ruminants and Non-Ruminants and so on.


That’s all for today. Hope you enjoy something here? I’m sure you will.
You will be reading something like this from my timeline often but not everyday.

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Note: References from the Bible, My Science Textbook and the delicious lessons from #JW


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