Swiss Roger Federer Wins Wimbledon, Becomes The First Man To Win It For 8 Times

Swiss Roger Federer Becomes Oldest Man In Open Erato To Win The Wimbledon For 8 Times

Successfully, this year Wimbledon has ended with another winner, Swiss Roger Federer who just made it to be the oldest man in the open Erato to win the Wimbledon after he thrashed Marin Cilicin of Croatia with straight sets of 6-3 6-1 6-4.

Roger Federer, who is just 35-years-old was crowned with the title without dropping a set which made him to become the first man to achieve this win after Bjorn Borgin in the year 1976.

Swiss Roger Federer said after the match that: “I never give up in a match. I gave it my best – it’s all I can do.”

According to history, Swiss Roger Federer also becomes the first person to win eight Wimbledon titles.

Roger Federer defeated Marin Cilicin in 101 minutes (1hr 41min) which extends his record to 19 Grand Slam titles.

Federer said Marin Cilicin also tried his possible best and he called him an “hero”, wishing him a congratulations for the safe game: “It is cruel sometimes. But Marin fought well and is a hero, so congratulations on a wonderful tournament.”

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