Somalia Internet Outage Is A Major Disaster Costing $10million Everyday

Somalia Internet Outage Is A Major Disaster Costing $10million Everyday

According to Somalia’s government, the use of Internet in the country has become a major disaster that the country is battling. He said everyday, the internet outage costs the country the whooping sum of $10million (approximately £7.7million) everyday.

The internet outage in the country has affected the Southern Somalia and the Outage was caused due to the damage to an under-sea fibre-optic cable about two weeks ago.

The Somalia Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Abdi Anshur Hassan described the Internet outage as a “Major disaster” costing Somalia more than $130million. He said the under-sea fibre-optic cable has been repaired and internet services will be restored in this country this week.

Following more than twenty years of disagreement, the use of internet service in Somalia is low, with just 1.6% of the population available on the internet in 2014, according to estimates by the International Telecommunication Union.


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