READ: Akingbolu Mojeed (Walexsynoh) Is A Year Older Today; Happy Birthday Geek

Celebrating A Geek, Akingbolu Mojeed (Walexsynoh) As He Turns A Year Today – Happy birthday Akingbolu Mojeed is one of my best buddy.. Yea, we a...

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Celebrating A Geek, Akingbolu Mojeed (Walexsynoh) As He Turns A Year Today – Happy birthday

Akingbolu Mojeed is one of my best buddy.. Yea, we attended the same high school at Aramoko District Commercial Secondary school popularly referred to as “ADICO” in Aramoko-Ekiti, Ekiti State.
He is very nice, brilliant, humble with great sense of humor though he was my junior then (lol…) but to me, I take him as a friend because of the genuine potentials I found in him.

He turns a year today and he deserves more than sponsored wishes from me. I write this to celebrate with him, my God continues to grant to him good health, knowledge and divine knowledge from above as he continues to live longer on earth.

Akingbolu Mojeed’s Inspirational Article To Celebrate Himself on His Birthday

Another thing I like about Akingbolu Mojeed is how he is entirely different from the teens of this generation. In this generation (I don’t know About the previous), teenagers and even, the adults know nothing when it comes to this than to flutters with luxuries wears and places on the social media platforms. But instead, Mojeed took to appreciate the Almighty God, he usher himself to new birth year with Prayer and absolute gratitude. What do you think will follow him as he continues to live? Blessings, mercy and divine wisdom of course.

When I read the message early this morning, I was very happy and I think it can serves as an “epitome” to other lads, that is why I shared it here. Read in the blockquote below:

O Allah I thank you for granting me yet another day of celebration. Thank you for the gift of another beautiful year. I’m grateful I appreciate you for giving me
another year to live. Thank you for the knowledge of life you’ve granted me. I thank you for everything. My creator, all I have in heaven and earth is you. You’ve shown me much love and kindness these past years. Forever will I be grateful. Thank you for all the beautiful things happenings in my life in the past years. It can only be You, how excellent You are? You’ve shown me much more than I deserve. And I thank you for granting me yet another year with good success. Who am I to have enjoyed your love, care,
protection this much? But, You’ve
kept me this far.

Thank You another fulfilled year. You’re the reason for my living. You’re the reason I breathe. You’re the reason I flourish. You’re the reason for everything good
things in my life. Thank you for another great year, Lord. # Today being my # birthday, Ya’Allah I ask for forgiveness. I ask for joy and happiness. I ask for success at all times. Amen!!! Awesome God, I adore your name for making me witness another year of fulfilment, I appreciate your kindness and love You’ve shown to me in the past years. I ask for more as I start
another today, I’ll always be indebted to You. It’s yet another year of joy, happiness,
fulfilment, and great opportunities. Oh Allah I pray you grant for me, it isn’t that I know how to praise you, how to pray to You, how to fast, that has kept me alive. But because I have a great
God who overlooks my shortcomings. Alhamdulillah for another year!I thank. Alhamdulillah the people that
stood by me this last year. I also appreciate those that left me when I had problems.
Most especially, my thanks go to my Parents. May Almighty Allah continue to be blessing you for me. Ameen
It’s another year to live, to flourish, to dance, to love, to accomplish, to worship and to do greater things.. This is the the year of Perfection! May Allah (SWT) make it easy for me Ameen. Happy Birthday to the # Boy
# Abdulmojeed_Akingbolu.

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