R-Kelly Turns Girls Above 18yrs To ‘Sex Slaves’ While Police Found No Fault In Him

R.Kelly Turns Young Women To Sex Slave In His Abusive Sex Cult The veteran R&B singer, R.Kelly who just featured Davido in “If” Remix...

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R.Kelly Turns Young Women To Sex Slave In His Abusive Sex Cult

The veteran R&B singer, R.Kelly who just featured Davido in “If” Remix has been accused of turning young women between the age of 19-21 to his “sex slave” in his abusive sex cult.

According to Buzzfeed, R.kelly usually used any young women above the age of 18 who came to him for a help in their career in music.
Within some couple of times, the singer is reportedly to secure a sexual relationship with the young women who in spite call him “Daddy” while in returns call them “Babies”.

Davido – “IF” Remix Feat. R-Kelly

Before the young women who have turned to sex slave in R.Kelly’s harbour could leave their respective rooms, they must also seek the approval of him and they always dressed in jogging suits so that anybody will not see their bodies.

Buzzfeed added that the young women are proscribed from letting their faces known to other men in the rooms, they always turn around, face the wall before they talk.
R.Kelly is also reported to have been shooting a sex tape with any girl he had had sex with and shared the videos with other men.

According to one of the girls’ mother, she said her child since she met with singer R.Kelly had started to behave somehow, just like she had been been brainwashed adding that the last time she saw her daughter, she looked very horrible just like a prisoner.

The woman said despite all her hugs and petting, the young girl keep saying that no one else care for her like R.Kelly and didn’t wish to forget him:

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The woman said:

Despite the fact that i hugged and hugged her over again, she just keep saying she is madly in love with R.Kelly and the singer is the one who cares for her. I don’t know what to do. I believe that if I get her back, I can get her treatment for victims of cults. They can reprogram her. But I wish I could have stopped it from happening.

The R&B legend who have won Grammy Award was also reported to be maltreating any of his victims both physically and verbally whenever they crossed his rules.

The Police officers said they can’t do anything about the matter as all the girls were above 18-years-old, as they are conscious of what they are doing and even approach R.Kelly on their own without anybody forcing them.



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