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Monday, 10 July 2017

President Donald Trump Gives Nigeria $121m & $516m To Yemen, Somalia and Sudan In Order To Feed Starving People - USAID

USAID: President Donald Trump gives Nigeria $121million and $518million To Yemen, Sudan and Somalia To Feed People

President Donald Trump of United States has shown his generosity to some African countries on Saturday, 8th July, 2017 when he fulfilled his promised by giving the total sum of $639million in aid to feed some people who are facing starvation because of drought and conflict in Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen.

USAID said in a statement that the United States is providing additional assistance for those people affected with conflict;

    "With this new assistance, the United States is providing more emergency food and nutrition aid, life-saving medical care, improved sanitation, emergency shelter and protection for those who have been affected by conflict."

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Jenkins, an official of USAID said disagreement, violence and security menace in the four African countries (Yemen, Nigeria, South Sudan & Somalia) had made it tedious for them to reach the whole communities who are facing starvation.

According to an official who partook in the event, Beasley, he said we, especially African countries has been facing the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II. He continued that the humanitarian promise and fulfillment by President Donald Trump to some these African countries is a "godsend" assistance to the millions of people and global food agency fighting starvation across the world.

The new fulfilled pledge has leads to over $1.8 billion aid by United States for the Fiscal year of 2017 to abolish crises in the aforementioned four countries where the United Nations, UN has estimated that almost 30 million people are facing hunger and needed urgent food assistance.

According to WFP estimation, about 109 million people across the world need urgent food assistance in 2017 while 80 million people was estimated last year with 10 of the 13 worst-affected zones stemming from conflict and "man-made" crises.

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