Pope Francis Slams Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump & Other Leaders At G20 Summit For Treating The Migrants Across The World Badly

Pope Francis: Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, And Other G20 Leaders Has Distorted World’s Migrants Views

Recently at the gathering of the top 20 leaders of world’s economy, the Russia president, Vladimir Putin and US President, Donald Trump was reported according to American News websites that the duo on seeing each other quickly hold their hands in pleasantry and had secret meeting briefly before the G20 summit.

According to the article published by an Italian Daily la Repubblica yesterday, it was clearly reported that during the meeting of leaders of the world top 20 economics meeting in Hamburg, Pope Francis has warned the leaders against dangerous gathering and distorting alliances that will/may affect the poor and the migrants negatively.

Pope Francis said in his conversation with italian newspaper’s founder, Eugenio Scalfari, that the G20 bothers him because it harms the migrants all over the world:

    “The G20 worries me, it hits migrants in countries in half of the world and it hits them even more as time goes by.”

Pope Francis, who is the first non-European Pope in 1,300years said he was afraid of the “very dangerous alliances among (foreign) powers that have a distorted vision of the world: America and Russia, China and North Korea, (Vladimir) Putin and (Bashar al-)Assad in the war in Syria.”

Also in his speech, Pope Francis was quoted saying that the European countries should adopt a federal structure as soon as possible or “it won’t count for anything in the world”.

It could be recalled that in the month of May this year, the 79-year old Argentine Pope, Francis has called on the Europe not to see migrants as criminals.

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