Lagos State Launches Environmental Sanitation Corps With Technological Advancement For Waste Management

LAGESC: Lagos State Launches Environmental Sanitation Corps With Technological Advancement In Waste Management Sector Lagos State government has turne...

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LAGESC: Lagos State Launches Environmental Sanitation Corps With Technological Advancement In Waste Management Sector

Lagos State government has turned the Kick Against Indiscipline Brigades to newly employees in Lagos state as Lagos State Environmental Sanitation Corps, LAGESC which their main job will be the continuation of what they have been doing before but this time around, they will ensure that environmental laws are being obey by all Lagos residents which is quite upgraded from the kick against indiscipline they have been practicing before.

Governor Ambode said, when he was recapitulating the signing of the Environmental Management Protection Law into the constitution on March 2017, that deliberate transformation to totally change the solid waste management sector to international level in the state has been put into work through the CLI and, he also called on the people of Lagos state to support the efforts of the government to change the waste management sector of Lagos State to standard and international level.

Ambode said that advance technology will be used to improve health and cleanliness in the state:

    “To roll back sanitation problems and increase seamless cleaning of our environment further, Lagos State was in earnest need of an enduring way-out that will be compatible needed technology with regards to the huge investment required for its achievement.

The governor continued that the CLI is ready to improve the waste management sector of the state to international level and use the process to save people’s funds for other beneficial amenities:

    “It is this void that the CLI has come to fill by creating an atmosphere for the private sector to meet international level with best practice in the important area of solid waste management and thereby free public funds for other beneficial uses.

He added that:

    “As a result, residential waste collection and processing which is concessioned to a reputable and competent multinational waste services company is being given a new lease of life with 600 brand new compactors and 900,000 electronically tracked bins, while wastes generated by the commercial sector would be handled by licensed waste management operators (PSP).”

There has been alot of better development in Lagos state since Governor Ambode has became the executive governor of the state. With Ojodu Berger new and attractive look, no one can doubt it that Lagos State is gradually changing to London and other beautiful places in the world. The work continues.. During Ex-governor Babatunde Raji Fashola’s regime, he also achievement alot of things both economically, culturally and promotion of Infrastructures in the state. Lagos state has been so lucky to have good governors who promotes good governance and that is why they are “Unchaseable” in Nigeria…
Eko O Ni Baje Ooo … O Baje Ti!!!

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