Justin Bieber Finds His Father Figure, Pastor Carl Lentz – They Are ‘Nearly Inseparable’

Justin Bieber Finds His Father Figure, ​Pastor Carl Lentz

As the news of Justin Bieber banned in china and his cancellation of Purpose Tour due to Jesus Christ, the singer is happy as he finds his new father figure, Pastor Carlz Lentz who is reported to have convert Justin Bieber to a regular “church goer”.

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Justin Bieber’s tour plan has really made him very friendly with Pastor Carl Lentz, making him his father figure.
According to TMZ magazine, Pastor Carl Lentz stepped up as a mentor and guardian in Justin Bieber’s everyday life even, when Justin Bieber is at home or abroad.

A source revealed that Bieber was just like a loner during most of his purpose tour. For some time, he had no relationship with his father, Jeremy and he was also estranged from his mother.

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But, Pastor Carl Lentz was the only person who care most about Justin Bieber. According to reports, Lentz do flew to visit Bieber frequently especially during Justin Bieber Purpose tour in New Zealand and Australia in March.

Some sources close to Hillsong Church reported that Justin Bieber and Pastor Carl Lentz have spent almost every day together without the last month.

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In short, Justin Bieber and Pastor Carl Lentz Are Described as “nearly Inseparable”! Much love to Justin Bieber 💝

On the allegation that Justin Bieber accepts Christ, some people believed that It was Pastor Carl Lentz that persuaded and order Justin Bieber to do so, to the extend that they said it was even the pastor that forced Bieber to cancelled his purpose tour.

In reply to such critics, Justin Bieber said that he purposely on his own interest gives his life to Christ and determined to cancelled his Purpose tour.

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