Justin Bieber Banned In China For Bad Behaviours

Justin Bieber Is Banned In China For Bad Behaviours

This news weak me I read that my favourite idol, Justin Bieber is banned in china. The catastrophic news was announced by the Beijing’s culture Bureau that the award-winning Canadian singer is now banned from performing in china.

The Beijing’s Cultural Bureau said in the statement they published that despite the fact that Justin Bieber is a talented singer but he take one of the bad leads in bad behaviours among the general public.
The Beijing’s Cultural Bureau said:

Justin Bieber causes discontent among the general public.
Although, Justin Bieber is a talented singer, but he is also a controversial young foreign idol.

When a fan asked the Bureau about detail reason why Justin Bieber is banned in china when the singer will soon start his China’s version of his #Purpose world tour, the bureau just responded that “Justin Bieber is a Controversial Foreign Singer”.
The Bureau added that Justin Bieber’s social life and behavior during his last performance in China is far from good behaviour and such acts are corrupting the general public.

As far as we are concerned, Justin Bieber has engaged in a lot of bad behaviors, both in his social life and during a last performance in the country, which has caused discontent among his fans and the general public.
We believed that as Justin Bieber continues to mature, he will continue to improve his own words and actions, and truly become a singer beloved by the public.

Justin Bieber is now listed among the artistes banned in China. Among the artistes are the US group Moroon 5 and the British Band Oasis were also banned for supporting the Delai Lama whose the Chinese believed to be a Dangerous Separatist.
The ban on Justin Bieber in China doesn’t make his fans in the country to stop following him as some of them are seen criticizing the government especially the Beijing’s Cultural Bureau.

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