Justin Bieber Accepts Jesus Christ; Cancelled Purpose Tour

Justin Bieber Accepts Jesus Christ, Cancelled ‘Purpose Tour’ Rightly After Being Banned From China Recently, Justin Bieber was banned from...

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Justin Bieber Accepts Jesus Christ, Cancelled ‘Purpose Tour’ Rightly After Being Banned From China

Recently, Justin Bieber was banned from performing in china due to his bad behaviours during the last performance in Beijing.
Not long after the ban imposed on him in China, Justin Bieber cancelled his Purpose Tour which makes his fans, Beliebers to believed that Justin Bieber was so mad because of his recent ban in China.

Justin Bieber Banned In China For Bad Behaviors

If you can remember that last year, Justin Bieber have also confessed that he have totally gave his life to Jesus Christ which he proved it by taking Kloe Kardashian to Church but shortly after that, we heard nothing again about Justin Bieber and Jesus Christ.

But now, Justin Bieber’s final decision about Jesus Christ seemed to be earnest, sudden and unexpected but some sources revealed that his believes based on religion enlightenment.

Well, we can’t judge this right without hearing from Justin Bieber himself. According to him, he said he cancelled his purpose tour due to “Exhaustion” but some sources said it is simply “not true”.

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According to Reports, Justin Bieber’s decision to accept Jesus Christ doesn’t affect them but as he cancelled the remaining touring dates which they are “incredibly pissed off” at Justin Bieber because the tour’s cancellation has really affect their financial plan without a fore-warning.

Justin Bieber has joined a church with Hilsong Pastor Carl Lentz some months ago which includes a huge church event in Australia but, the pastor, Carl Lentz did not instruct Justin Bieber to cancel his remaining Purposes Tour.

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    It good that this tour is cancelled. I think that Justin Bieber should behave more careful and pay attention on what he says.

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    The cancellation of such a tour only can bring even more confusion to creativity and refusals of tickets.

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    JB is really regretting the old fashion of his life.. He has totally changed.

  • comment-avatar

    You are quite right… He disappointed his fans but, I think he knows the best reason why he pulled on such bitter decision.