“Nigeria Is The Poorest In Health Care System” – ONE Campaign

“A healthy nation makes a wealthy nation; Nigeria Is The Giant Economy of Africa But Poorest In Healthcare System” – ONE Campaign Wh...

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“A healthy nation makes a wealthy nation; Nigeria Is The Giant Economy of Africa But Poorest In Healthcare System” – ONE Campaign

While reviewing the healthcare system of Nigeria, ONE Campaign, a worldwide non-profitable group with their office in Abuja has interfered on the health status of this country. The organization, ONE Campaign talked on the low priority the Nigeria health sector is receiving from the government, saying that the federal government contribution towards the health sector still remain stagnant on the previous level of 4.1% despite the increase in the annual budget allocation from N257 billion to N308 billion from 2016 to 2017.

According to ONE Campaign Organization, the normal statutory transfer of N49 billion towards the Basic Healthcare which should serves as additional fund to this country’s Health sector was not approved in 2017 budget. And, this Basic Healthcare is the most important health system for the poor people in Nigeria and would have also increase more revenue to restructure the primary healthcare system.

According to the statement in Abuja, the Director of ONE Campaign in Nigeria, Serah Makka-Ugbabe said:

    “While ONE Campaign give commendation to the Federal Government of Nigeria for increasing the health budget allocation from N257 billion to N308 billion between 2016 and 2017, the people of Nigeria still have reason to feel let down. The current allocation is grossly insufficient to address Nigeria’s fragile health system”.

The director continued that Nigeria is rated 4th country with highest maternal morality in the world and as the giant of Africa, the health issue is falling them down:

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    “According to UNICEF, Nigeria has the fourth highest maternal mortality ratio in the world – behind Sierra Leone, Central African Republic and Chad, as a result of this, more mothers Nigeria die mostly of preventable deaths than anywhere else in the world. Nigeria claims to be an economic lion, but she is failing the health of her pride.”

ONE Campaign said the country will still continue to lose millions of lives untimely to some basic and preventable illness like Lassa Fever, Diarrhea and Malaria with the current insufficient allocation to the healthcare system especially to the Primary Healthcare system in rural areas.

The self-acclaimed Giant of Africa invests so meager in Health than ant other African countries. According to ONE Campaign, the south African Government invest 12% of their annual budget to Healthcare system the Ghanaian Government invests 7.3% of their budget to Healthcare system.

ONE Campaign added that, for Nigeria to hold her position as the true Giant and Leader of African countries’ economy, the federal government must make sure that enough funds is allocated to healthcare system in the country. As quoted from the statement, “A healthy nation makes a wealthy nation”. ONE Campaign also commended the wise decision of the federal government by increasing the annual health allocation from N257 billion to N308 billion but the fact cannot be ignored that the investment is too low to save millions of lives especially, the poor people in Nigeria.

The Nigeria’s primary health care system provides “last mile” health services to people in the rural areas but the system is becoming worse to the strength of Nigeria’s health system. In preparation for the 2018 budget cycle, we are expecting the federal government to put more investment in Nigeria’s healthcare system while putting in place measures for transparent expenditure for the implemented 2017 health budget in the country.

By putting more investment on health care system in 2018 budget, the federal government will be closer to keeping its promise it made to all Nigerians of investing 15% of its budget on health. We urge the government not to “fall our hands” again as they must do to put our nation’s health first.

ONE Campaign organization had recently collaborate with some numbers of top and talented artistes in Africa to compose a powerful and motivating anthem that will celebrates and appreciates the power and rights of the girls and women all over the globe.