In Ikorodu: 3 Members of Badoo Cult Group Were Burnt To Death

Another Three Suspected Members of Badoo Cult Group Were Burnt To Death In Ikorodu

The issue of “Badoo Cult Group” in Lagos State is a great threats and menace to insecurity. The Badoo cult group has been tagged with a common logo of brutally killing a whole family who call their victims. Recently, we heard another report that they have allegedly killed a family consisting of 5-members at a go just some days after the people of Ikorodu in Lagos state protested against the cultists’ activities which always lead to loss of life in their community.

Also In Odogunyan in Ikorodu, an angry mob identified as “Afeez Hanafi” lynched three suspects after he arrested them alongside with his colleagues and they immediately took the judgement to their own way when they suspected they were among the Badoo cult group.

According to reports, the three suspected members of Badoo cult group who were lynched and burnt to death were caught earlier on Sunday’s morning as at 2 O’clock before daybreak in an SUV car by Some residents of Ikorodu who were doing “Stop and Search” at Odogunyan junction.

After the three suspects were caught, they couldn’t defend themselves on what the harmful weapons found in their car were meant for and where in Particular they were driving to as early as 2am.

Meanwhile the lynching and burning to death of these three suspected Badoo cultist sounded like a great victory but to the Lagos state police, it’s a great offence.

The Lagos state police has said through its Public Relations Officer, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole that the residents and other citizens of the country in general should refrain from Jungle Justice. He said, police officers are ready to work and any suspicious activity should be reported to them immediately.

The PPRO also added that over 100 suspects found to be affiliated with Badoo cult has been arrested across Ikorodu, and said that, investigations to filter out those people who were innocent among them is still going on.

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