Hollywood Actor, James Cromwell Jailed With Two Other Activists For Civil Disobedience

An Hollywood Actor, James Cromwell Sentenced To Jail With Other Two Activists.

James Cromwell, a 77-years Hollywood actor has been arrested and sentenced to a week jail with other two activists after they were found guilty by the court for allegedly protesting at a power plant.

The Hollywood legend, James Cromwell has done more than enough in American movie industry. He have featured in more than 50 movies which includes the popular “LA Confidential”, “Green Mile”, and “Babe”.

James Cromwell was found guilty of Civil disobedience for protesting with two other activists at a power plant construction site of the Competitive Power Ventures in Wawayanda.

James Cromwell and the two activists arrested with him were reportedly to have blocked free flow of traffic during the demonstration in December, 2015 while the police officers used bolt cutters to remove the metal which the defaulters put around their necks at the power plant constitution site and they were handcuffed and arraigned to the police station thereafter.

According to spokesman for the Protect Orange County group, before James Cromwell and his colleagues will finally report to Jail on Friday after, they will take part in a rally at the facility.

According to BellaNaija, James Cromwell was nominated for his meritorious role in one of the films he had featured in titled “Babe” in 1996 as the “Best Supporting Actor” at Academy Awards.


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