Flooding in Lagos: “Stop Sand-Filling Lagoon & Waterfronts” – Ex Surveyor-General Warn Lagos State Govt

“Stop sand filing Lagoon, waterfronts” – Ex-Surveyor-General warns Lagos government.

An Ex-Surveyor-General of Nigeria, Prof. Peter Nwilo has called on the Lagos state government to stop all the construction activities and al sand-filling works around the lagoon and the waterfronts.

The former Surveyor-General was reported on Monday to have reacted bitterly to the massive and unexpected flooding that happened in the state especially the recent one that happened in Lekki and the one in Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Ajah and Lagos Island after the heavy downpour on Saturday.

With respect to what the formal Surveyor-General of the federation, Prof. Peter Nwilo said, it is the first time in history that the Lagoon water level in Lagos is rising.

Nwilo said the causes is these arrant flooding in the state is due to the government activities to develop estates which they sand-filled some lagoon and waterfronts area to carry out their project. He said:

    “I do not think the water level of the Lagoon has risen like this before in the state. “Look around you, Lagos Lagoon and all waterfronts in the state are being sand-filled for the development of estates.”

He continued that the sand-filling and other construction activities around the waterfronts and lagoons are done without proper plan and assessment and the government of Lagos state did not take the environmental factors into consideration:

    “The sand-filling and other construction activities around the lagoon and waterfronts is being done without proper Environmental Impact Assessment on consequences of such development on the environment.


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