Five Reasons Why You Should Not Date

Five Reason Why You Should Not Date

On GbolaMedia’s Relationship Platform, I have shared some tips about Relationship to dear readers like you. We will all be convinced that involving in a relationship especially between a male and a female is part of our life even, right from the primitive age of our forefathers, Adam & Eve.
Today, I will be walking you through an important question that everybody wish to seek a worthy answer(s) to. The question is;

“What Are The Reasons I Should Not Date Or Involved In A Dating Relationship?”

Most people like you usually ask the question above and reading this article will get you through. But, I am human being like you, I don’t write this article to tell you what you do or suggesting a way out for you but, this post is just a major “Reason Why You Should Not Involved In A Dating Relationship”.

Read on but, take a cup of well-brewed coffee and ride on with me;

Five Reasons Why You Should Not Involved In A Dating Relationship

Before listing the reasons below, I think it’s really vital to do something that you feel it’s ‘right’. If you don’t want to date, don’t force yourself to date.

Now, check below “Five Reason Why You Should Not Date”

1• Don’t Date Because Other People Are Dating:- This is quite funny but it’s the gospel truth that most people involves in dating relationship because other people do. Some people believes that once you have reached the age of eighteen, you are expected to have somebody you will be dating.
Peer group influence also triggers this point. I mean once a guy/lady see that most of his/her friends are dating, the next thing for him is to start dating also even when you know you are not ready to serve the responsibility in dating relationship. Know maybe you are ready or not. Take more time to study what dating really mean or will ask from you.

2• Dating Is For Fun, Not A Sex or A Money-making business:- Another reason why should not date is that most people outside there are dating because of the untimely sex pleasure they are enjoying. And also, most people date especially the ladies because of the penny they are receiving from their boyfriends. Mind you, if you are a lady, and you are demanding money from your boyfriend, you are nothing than a “Prostitute”. According to Duta Didi, “Dating is only fun if you find somebody really cool that you want to be with. Otherwise it’s a complete waste of time.”


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3• Don’t Date If You Haven’t Understand Yourself:- The term “Understand Yourself” doesn’t end by knowing only your name or other biological datas. Before you even think of dating, understand yourself, how you can cope with the person you will be dating, understand what it will take you in the relationship. Duta Didi said: “Spend time getting to know yourself, understanding what you want in a boyfriend/girlfriend.”

4• Don’t Date Because of Physical Intimacy:- Physical Intimacy is another reason why you should not date. Most people who watch pornography movies or pictures will have no reason to date than to practice their sexual intimacy that is running in their veins. Don’t date because of any physical intimacy because, what you are expecting from that your boyfriend or girlfriend may not work out the way you think or planned it. And, at the end of the day, you will be left frustrated alone.

5• Don’t Date Because You Don’t Want To Be Single:- With extension to point number one, many people date because they don’t want to be single. This happens mostly among the teenagers where dating at these age is a “must to competition”, Why? Because “others are doing it and I must do it also because I don’t want to remain “single”. Don’t date! If you are ruminating this within you. Duta Didi advised that: “There are many people who simply can’t be single but Don’t be one of those people. Enjoying spending time in your own company is a great life skill.”

#NOTE: If the 5 Reasons listed above is not in your motive, and you wish to date a girl or boy you love, I got a tip for you. Check below;

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  1. Am so Happy that you found this as a nice article. Most people have been asking this question especially the younger ones that what are the reason they shouldn't date and I compiled this to answer their questions at once and also to help others.
    Am Grateful to you, Mr Awogor Matthew for dropping your view. Visit GbolaMedia again.

  2. Thanks @Amanda. This article is not a law or a Must-do-instruction. Yea, you are quite right about your point, "It is only your own decision to date or not". But, thinking and meditating on the aligned lists above will convinced you that am also right.. It's just a guidelines from experiences.

    Thanks again for letting us know your view about this.

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