Ed Sheeran Quits Twitter Over “Mean” Comments From Lady Gaga’s Fans

Ed Sheeran Finally Quit Twitter Over “Mean” Comments

Ed Sheeran had earlier announced earlier this month that he will be off on Twitter over some “mean” comments on some of his tweets and he has finally delete his official twitter account.

Even after Ed Sheeran quit using Twitter, his Instagram account automatically generated tweets until he go ahead to delete the account on Monday.

According to Bellanaija, the veteran singer was recently attacked on the social network with some “mean comments” by Lady Gaga’s fans after they think Ed Sheeran referred to Lady Gaga in an interview.

He said:

I’ve actually quit Twitter completely. I can’t read it. I go on it and there’s nothing but people saying mean things. Twitter’s a platform for that.

He deleted his twitter account after the day he made a Cameo appearance on “Game of Thrones” and his performances had been rewarded with a mix of positive reviews and some bitter criticisms.

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