D’banj Signed Deal With “Priority Records” In America For Global Distribution

D’banj Signed Global Distribution Deal With Priority Records, An American Record Label To Promote Join In Promoting African Artistes Subscribed To CREAM

A Nigerian Pop Legend, D’banj has just completed a global signing deal with an American record label, “Priority Records”.
The completed deal was reported to join the D’banj in promoting the dream of subscribers to the Creative Reality Entertainment Arts and Music Digital Platform (C.R.E.A.M.) by giving the subscribers easy access to global distribution through the capital records which is the parent company of Priority Records by DKM.

D’banj said he is very happy that what he had been planning on paper has gradually been coming to true. Adding that he believes that Africa is the future of the world and the future can be achieved by helping one another and making dreams come true:

“I am so humbled! A dream that started on paper has finally come to fruition. Africa is the future of the world. A year ago, I launched a platform to help creative talents find their dreams across Nigeria. The platform was developed by Africans, for Africa, to showcase artists across the world. It is testament to what I always say that, content is the New Crude Oil.”

D’banj’s deal to Priority Records follows a recent valuation of his #CREAM record label worth more than $130million immediately after the record label clocked exactly a year by world’s leading editors, KPMG.

About “Priority Records” Signed By D’banj

The Record Label, Priority Records is an American record label that has changed the music sphere by making distribution’s deal with artist-run companies.
The company is known mainly for its high successful artistes like Jay Z, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Snoop dogg and Master P.

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