“Stop Criticizing The Federal Government Yam Export Policy, Grow Some Yams Instead” – Min of Agriculture, Chief Ogbeh

“Stop negativity, if Ghana can export yams, Nigeria too can” – Chief Audu Ogbeh

With the current topics in Nigeria, among it is the exportation of yams to foreign countries in which fellow Nigerians has really criticized and called on the government not to try such unanimous decision. Some Nigerians said the country is currently under starvation but instead of the government to find a way to abolish these starvation, they are taking the little food we have to foreign countries.

The minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh has called on people criticizing the Nigerian Federal Government Yam Policy to increase the commodity. While the Minister of Agriculture is addressing the journalists in Abuja on Monday he said, the people who are criticizing the government on the Yam Export Policy should stop their negativity, saying the Yam Export Policy for the betterment of Nigeria’s economy growth.

Chief Audu Ogbeh said the efforts being dissipated by the people criticizing the government yam export policy by saying bad things about the initiative should be instead use in producing more yam which is a staple found mostly in the country, for exportation.

The minister of agriculture and rural development said that the criticism of Nigerians who believe that the Yam Export Policy would lead to a shortage of Yam in the country is just a “mere fallacy”. He said the yam and Nigeria’s economy will continue to grow forward.

With respect to Ogbeh’s statement, there is currently a glut in yam production in the domestic market. “I have seen attacks on the social media. There are questions all over as to why we are exporting yam when Nigerians are said to be hungry.”

He further said that if Ghana as a country which is superbly inferior to Nigeria can export yam produce to foreign countries, then why Nigeria can export yam also?

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