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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Attention: Don't Give Money To Any Police Officer Again. If They Try To Extort or Have Extorted You, Call These Police Emergency Numbers, BBM Pin & Whatsapp Number (Check In Here >>)

PCRRU Bribe Alert: Call These Numbers If Any Police Officer Tries To Collect Money From You - It's Available 24/7.

In advancement to Abolishment of "bribe rendering and demanding" issues in Nigeria especially, between the Police officers and the citizens, the Top officials of the Nigerian Police Force has brought another fresh and new solution.

How To Report Any Police Officer Who is Trying To Extort You or Behave Badly To You - Solution:

The solution is quite simple, it's like Emergency Service. If any police officer want to extort you or extorts you, you don't need to complain about how badly behaved police officers are, just call the telephone numbers below to report the police officer who wronged you immediately even, without leaving the scene. Make sure you get his details and call the Police Public Complaint
Rapid Response Unit.

How Can You Get The Details of Any Police Officer Who Tries or Has Extort You In Nigeria Before Reporting Him/Her?

To Identify such police officer is quite simple, although you might think it will be difficult. All you need is to get the name written on his/her Clothes' tag, recognised such police officer and the area you are extorted. If you can't get the police officer's name and other details, just make sure you recognised him/her and some other police officers at the scene and any of the numbers below to complain and report such felonious behavior:

Telephone & WhatsApp Number With BBM Pin of the "Police Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit" To Report Bribe Extortion:

Telephone Call Only:

    • 08057000001
    • 08057000002

SMS/WhatsApp Only: 08057000003

BBM Pin: 58A2B5DE

The Police Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit, PCRRU is alway available 24/7. Join the fight against Corruption and Bribe Extortion Now!

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