At Least, 8 People Died, 49 Injured In A Stampede At Demba Diop Stadium, Dakar Senegal

Stampede At Demba Diop Stadium, Senegal Has Left Eight Soccer Fans Dead

According to Senegal’s Minister of Sports, Nothing less than Eight football fans who were at Demba Diop Stadium, Dakar Senegal were killed in a stampede that occurred during a match between two local teams on Saturday at the stadium.

When the match is ongoing, a sudden fight broke out between the fans of Stade de Mbour and the rival US Ouakam and the police officers at the scene have nothing to do than to fired some tears gas to break the fight up.

The confusion from the fight between the fans of the teams led to a Stampede, Minister of Sports, Matar Ba said.

According to APS, nothing less than 49 people were seriously injured after another 8 fans was reported dead during the confusion as a wall collapsed at the stadium.

APS added that Senegal’s safety has recorded some numbers of gatherings that have been heavily criticized this earlier year after the dozens of people lost their lives untimely at a religious retreat in April when a fire ripped through make shift shelters.

Also, another seventeen people have also died in a stampede during a match in Angola in February as hundreds of supporters wind up the stadium.

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