Asia’s Richest Man, Jack Ma Visits Africa For The First Time To Inspire Young Entrepreneurs

Asia’s Richest Man, Jack Ma Visits Kenya To Inspires Young Entrepreneurs

Who is the Richest Man in Asia? – Jack Ma of Alibaba E-Commerce

The dangote-like of Asia, the richest man, Jack Ma who is also the owner of Alibsba, an e-Commerce leading film, are on going to embark on a trip to Kenya in Africa to motivate and inspire the young entrepreneurs.

The Chinese billionaire, Jack Ma is currently on a 3-days visitation to Africa and, it was reported that this will be his first time travelling to any of the African countries. Jack Ma will be in Africa from July 19 to 21 where during his stay, he is expected to attend the Youth Connekt Africa Summit which will be held in Rwanda.

According to Business Day Africa, Jack Ma will also be accompanied by 38 other billionaires like him. They includes Bob Xu – an internet geek, The founder and chairman of Mengniu – Diary Niu Gensheng, Alibaba Founding partner – Lucy Peng, a real estate tycoon – Huang Youlong among others.

The Asia’s richest man, Jack Ma is also a special adviser for Youth Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD.

Jack Ma said he came to Africa to share and inspire the dream of youths pertaining to business or entrepreneurship:

I came to Africa not because I want to sell Chinese products but to share the entrepreneurial dream.

Jack Ma is known for his different nuggets which he use the inspire and motivate the young bones in entrepreneurship and in starting a new business. These nuggets includes:

Opportunities are always found where people complain.

When you’re profitable, after paying your employees, you can then pay yourself as an entrepreneur.

Find people who can be your boss, not those who are willing to be your servants. That is how you’ll grow.

Individual commitment to a group effort, that is what makes a team work, a company, a society, a civilization… work.

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