Actress Tonto Dikeh Become A “Born Again” Christian, Shared Her Thoughts About What Being Born Again Really Means

Actress Tonto Dikeh Becomes “Born Again” Christian, Shared How Being “Born Again” On Instagram We are having the most exciting...

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Actress Tonto Dikeh Becomes “Born Again” Christian, Shared How Being “Born Again” On Instagram

We are having the most exciting news about actress Tonto Dikeh who have just acclaimed to have become a “Born Again” Christian. Initially, the news sounds like a mere rumor by the Veteran nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has clearly confirmed the news on her Instagram Page on Saturday as she clearly expressed her thoughts on what Being born again really means.

While expressing her though about what being born again really means, she shared a picture of herself and wrote that being born again is not a way to change life from a happy one to boring one or to start appearing in dirty wears:

    Just like me, being born again is not a license to a BORING LIFE OR APPEARING DIRTY but, Being born Again as a Christian involves living a fun filled, exciting and happy life knowing that you have a powerful God by your sides. Also, Being born again is not about having no friend or hanging out with them, it’s about having the right friends that will inspire, elevate and inspire you and most especially pray for and with you. Being born again means having Access to the best and the most beautiful things of life.

Tonto Dikeh added that living in peace and the ability not to fear any human being is part of being a born again. She added that, “Born Again” Christians should even have the perfect way of life in order to inspire orders to accept Christ just like her:

    Being born again is having peace and ability not to be afraid when it comes to sharing how genuinely happy you are no matter the threat or circumstance. Being born Again is also a life where you see somebody hurling foul words against you and still praying for them. God can never call you only to make your life a boring or a less fashionable one, In fact, I believe that a born Again Christian should have the perfect things of life. Because if my life isn’t colourful how then can I convince you that a LIFE IN CHRIST IS A BLISSFUL ONE. My fellow people, it is time for us to allow the world see Jesus in us colorfully. MY NAME IS TONTO DIKEH, I AM A RADICAL FOR JESUS,MY LIFE IS AS BRIGHT AS THE COAT OF MANY COLORS,I SPEAK IN HEAVENLY TONGUE AND AM AN ENTERTAINER

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