Tobacco-Free: FGN Set To Enforce Ban On Smoking In Public Places

Federal Government of Nigeria Enforces Ban On Smoking in Public

In regards to smoking in public, the federal ministry of health has said in a communique which states that the federal government are putting more force to ban the act in the country. Smoking in public buildings like restaurants, shopping mail, bars, motor park is now totally banned in the Nigeria.

The federal ministry of health said the communique is directly in respect to Section 9 of the Nigeria Tobacco Control Act 2015 which will now be enforced earnestly and the offenders will be pruned to pay an imposed fine not less than N50,000 or six months serving the time in prison or, both.

The ministry said that the WHO estimates that second-hand tobacco or the sniffing of smoke coming out from tobacco smoke by somebody else is currently responsible for the dead of almost 600,000 people annually where 80% of the catastrophic incident happen mostly in under-developed countries especially, Nigeria.

According to the ministry, public places where smoking is highly prohibited in Nigeria include the educational facilities, child care facilities, health care facilities, restaurants, stadia (pl. Stadium), public parks or gardens, playground, public transportation etc.

The federal ministry of Health is earnestly into business to fight against tobacco and make sure that Nigeria as a country Is free from it. According to the communique, the ministry will collaborate with law enforcers to ensure the act that ban the act of smoking in public and as well as collaborate with the National Assembly to make sure that the necessary regulations are followed and enforced.

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