Tanzania’s President, John Magafuli Ban The Teenage Mothers From Going Back To School

Tanzania’s President, John Magufuli Ban Teenage Mothers From Going Back To School

President John Magufuli of Tanzania has recently placed “Ban” on any teenage mothers in the country from going back to school. The president made the shocking announcement while he was addressing the residents of Bagamoyo District during his scheduled 3-days Coast Regions tour on Thursday.

President Magufuli said in earnest accusation that those Non-governmental Organisations (NGO) that is pestering the government to allow the teenage mothers to go back to school are Foreign Agents.

The president continued that the girls who are impregnated untimely can join the Vocational Education Training Authority, VETA centres where they will learn how to do vocational jobs like sewing, hairdressing, typing and other jobs but, they are not allowed again to go back to school.

According to Magafuli, if the teenage mothers were given another chance to go back to school, they will become a bad example to other small girls, encouraging them to engage in casual sex just like what they have done:

    “If the government allow such girls back to school then, one very day we will see all the girls who are in Standard One getting pregnant and having babies.”

For some time ago, some Non-governmental Organizations have been pressurising the Tanzanian president on the issue of allowing teen mothers back to school but the president refused to heed to them.

The NGOs want the president to signed into the law that teenage mothers should be allowed to go back to school but, the president viewed their pressure as a disturbing one which can never be a millisecond granted. He believed that all the NGOs pressuring him are foreign agents who won’t be affected by the rough outcome of allowing teenage mother back to school.

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People reaction to this Tanzania’s president ban resisting the teenage mothers from going back to school just to avoid the often occurrence of teenage sex and pregnancy in the country is a dream that will never comes true. They believed that teenage sex and pregnancy is part of African culture which is indelible.

Well, let us watch how far the development will go in the country and to be frank and honest, if teenage sex and pregnancy were reduced in the process, don’t you think that President Magafuli will leave a legacy behind?

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