Russian President, Vladimir Putin Is Better Than Donald Trump Regarding Ability To Control World’s Affairs – Survey Polls

Vladimir Putin Is Better Than Donald Trump Regarding World Affairs

Recently, a survey was polled in thirty-seven, 37 countries in the world where more people around the world believes in The Russian President, Vladimir Putin than American President, Donald Trump on the issues of making things right and controlling the world.

After the survey, 27 percent of the people who partook says they have more confidence in Russian President, Vladimir Putin while 22 percent says they have more confidence in American President, Donald Trump. The two outcomes here is very far to the task when compared with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel whom 42 percent of the people says they have confidence.

The survey was polled to shows how majority of the people didn’t trust Donald Trump and he is okay only when he was at his first five months on the American presidential seat.

Out of 100 percent, more than 70 percent goes against Donald Trump’s decision to vacate the major international trade deals and his public announcement that the United states of America would pull out of Paris climate record.

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