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Thursday, 22 June 2017

PHOTOS: A Man Who Was Caught Robbing A Church in Delta State Received Congregants 'Prayer For Deliverance' Instead of Lynching & Arrest

In Delta State: A Man Who Was Caught Stealing In A Church Was Not Lynched or Arrested But The Congregation Members Rather Prayed To Deliver Him

This is another experience which is different entirely to the normal practice in Nigeria especially in places like Lagos, Calabar, Delta and other places.
Whenever a thief is caught in the states mentioned above, such thief Will be lynched and may unfortunately be burnt to death.

A thief who was caught stealing in a church according to reports posted on Facebook, the man whose his name is kept confidential was caught stealing at Baptist church in Warri, Delta State.
Instead of the congressional members of the church to lynch and arrest him, they all lays hands on him in order to set him free from that spirit of covetousness that drives him to rob the street around even the church(es).

Photos below >>

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