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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Photos: Google Unveils Final Plans For £1billion Headquarters Building In Kings Cross, London

Google Unveils Final Plans For Luxury £1billion Headquarters in UK

The largest and most used 'search engine' in the world, Google has finally revealed the final plans for their anticipating headquarters building which will cost the whooping sum of £1billion in the city of United Kingdom.

The building, which is 870,000 Sq. Feet is planned to be built at Kings Cross in London will be the first office that Google has designed for itself outside California.

The building Will have
•sleep pods,
•an Olympic sized swimming pool, wellness and fitness centre with a gym

• A large indoor sports hall for games
•And a rooftop field with 200 metre running track to ensure wellness for up to 7,000 staff.

Google new headquarters office in UK will also a landscaped roof terrace with 'fields, gardens, meadows' and a large rooftop cafe providing free food and drink.

More Photos below:-

The proposed building is so mouth-watering. Kudos to Google's efforts in Making Techs their main priorities.


  1. Nice concept they've got here and i believe they have what it takes to achieve this feat.

    1. Thanks @Dprince4christ... Your blog is okay and crystal clear... Weldon boss

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