Parker Probe: NASA Set To Launch Spacecraft Into The Sun For Solar Wind & Space Weather

NASA Set To Launch Spacecraft into the Sun

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA has said the administration is anticipating to launch a Spacecraft into the sun’s atmosphere in 2018’s summer.

This is the first and the most anticipating plan to explores more about the glowing star. Scientists said the outer core of the sun can burn instantly without any striking ignition. And with respect to that, nobody dare to travel into the sun but, NASA agency is trying the impossibility which they believes which yield good result and becomes one of the greatest technical and scientific development of human race.

The spacecraft will go far into the sun’s outermost atmosphere known as the “Corona”.
Parker Solar will go far and explore the whole Corona region which its temperature is roughly estimated to 1,371 centigrade. The main purpose of launching this spacecraft into the inner core of the sun is to explore full and new insights about the solar wind and the space weather.

The largest star, sun always send to the Earth’s atmosphere a very high-energy radiation and particles which potentially impacting satellites and ground-base electric grids. The solar wind blows the Sun’s highly charged particles right toward us on the earth.

NASA said:

    “We’re going to be seven times closer than any other mission has ever been,” NASA spokesperson Fox told reporters the press conference. “We will repeatedly swoop through the corona, making these measurements.”

The spacecraft is named after an Astrophysicist, Eugene Parker, who was the first man to put forward hypothesis about Solar Wind around 1950.


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