Maame Bono, The Woman Who Mistook Captain Maxwell Mahama As Armed Robber Which Led To His Lynching & Killing Is Now Identified

The Woman Who Mistook Captain Maxwell Mahama As An Armed Which Led To His Lynching and Murdering Has Been Identified

Do you still remember Captain Maxwell Mahama who was mistook as armed robber in Ghana which led to his lynching and murdering? In the first report about Captain Maxwell Mahama’s untimely death, GbolaMedia revealed to you that the army was mistook as an armed robber in his detachment area when he asked a “woman” about a route while he was doing his morning jogging.

In returns to Captain Maxwell Mahama’s question, the woman without any investigation or vindication called the assemblyman of the town, Denkyira and, the assemblyman called on the youths to lynch the army.

DEATH ALERT: How Captain Maxwell Mahama Was Mistook As Armed Robber, Lynched & Burnt By Citizens of Denkyira, Ghana.
    • At least, 34 suspects Were arrested for Lynching & Burning Captain Maxwell Mahama.
    • Dignitaries Including Vice president and former president of Ghana Attended Captain Maxwell Mahama Final Burial.

The woman who raise false alarm about Captain Maxwell Mahama as an armed robber which later ward led to his lynching and murdering at Denkyira has been identified. Her name according to report is “Akosua Takyiwaa” also known as “Maame Bono”. Maame Bono is just a snail seller who is also among the women arraigned last Friday as suspects for Major Maxwell Mahama lynching by military agencies.

The arrest and identification of Maame Bono, the snail seller has really drawn to the arrest of many suspects who also partook in the lynching and murdering of Major Maxwell Mahama who was buried in Osu Military Cemetery in Accra, Ghana.


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