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Monday, 26 June 2017

Landslide In Sichuan Province, China Left Over 120 People Missing And 40 Houses Buried

In China, 120 People Are Missing And More 40 Houses Were Buried After Landslide In Sichuan Province

It was indeed sad and catastrophic as more than 120 citizens were found missing while just 5 were found and more than 40 houses were totally buried during a gruesome landslide in Southwest China's Sichuan Province as it was confirmed by Chinese State-run Broadcaster China Central Television, CCTV.

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The gruesome landslide was reported according to CCTV to have occurred at Six O'clock local time in Xinmo village in Mao country. With immediate effect, over 780 rescue workers and emergency response was activated within a glimpse and converged together at the scene.

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During the catastrophic incident, the Chinese President, Xi Jinping ordered an official at the country ministry of Land and Resources to detect the cause of such impromptu landslide. According to report from CCTV, the official said the heavy landslide were complicated and could include rain and unstable rock masses.

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