Kenya General Elections: “Insult The Government, Publish False Political Content on Social Media Platforms And Enjoy 5 Years Jail Term” – Kenyan Government Warns Bloggers And Citizens

Kenya General Election: Insult Government On Social Media And Enjoy 5 Years Imprisonment – Kenyan Government

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According to a statement shared by the Communication Authority and the National Cohesion & Integration Commission, the two agencies promised to support the motions to punish Kenya citizen who is found to be faulted with this rule or creating violence on the internet by sharing fake or propaganda news about politics.

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    “Every social media articles shall be punished using a modern language that avoids a sound and words that contribute to hate speech, ethnic contempt, and causations to violence,” “All comments shall be polite, truthful and respectful.” – Says the Regulation.

The commission added that those people caught with publication of fake news will be liable to face harsh action with respect to NCI Act, which explained that those who are caught in this act will have to face 5 years jail term or a fine payment of Sh1 million. The commission shall leave the defaulters to be punished according to the law.

Bloggers and social media users who were fond of publishing political sponsored post and content respectively will be forced by the law to reveal their real identities and how they are associated with political party or a politician who acts as their “godfathers”.

The regulations added that those bloggers or social media addicts who were found of publishing content on social media handles will have to “authenticate, validate the source and truthfulness of their content”.

The regulations finally concluded that the current Kenyan government will not take the spreading of misleading rumours granted and will be punished with a 5 years jail term or a fine of Sh1 million.


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