Justice Akon Ikpeme Confessed The ‘Bribe Acts’ Between Her And Senator Dino Melaye Is Crystal True

Justice Akon Ikpeme Confesses That ‘The Bribery Accusation’ Between Her And Senator Dino Melaya Is True

Earlier last week, SaharaReporters shared to the general public an audio tape which clearly reveal felonious conversations between Senator Melaye and Judge Ikpeme who handled the election tribunal of the senator in 2015.

In the audio tape, we heard two voices which was said to both Melaye and Ikpeme’s voices. In the audio tape, we heard a voice demanding bribe from the other in US dollar and the voice seemed to concurred on the issue of Bribe in US dollars.

In the same audio tape, we heard a feminine voice which also asked from the second voice to secure her daughter a job at the Calabar State Ministry of Health and the second voice happened to be masculine said he will speaks with the governor of the state.

After public exposure of the audio tape abs and with thorough investigations, the judge, Justice Akon Ikpeme who handled Senator Dino Melaye Tribunal election in 2015 has finally confessed that what we heard on the audio tape is true.

On reacting to this, Senator Dino Melaye said and denied that the voice heard on the audio tape does not even featured his own. He said the video tape is an act drew by SaharaReporters, Senator Adeyemi Smart which he defeated in 2015 senatorial election and Justice Akon Ikpeme.


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