Jay Z and Beyoncé Twins Were Kept ‘Under Lights’ Due To Jaundice

Beyoncé Twins Were Suffering From Jaundice And Kept “Under Lights’

twin babies has been going more viral on the internet since the internet got it on but quite unfortunate, the babies has not been discharged from the hospital due to minor problem.

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TMZ has revealed the “Minor Problem” behind the reason why Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Twins were not discharged as earlier as possible. According to them, the twins were born prematurely and they needed to be kept ‘under lights’ for some time before they becomes normal and can be carried out.

According to scientific processes, whenever a child is born prematurely or with jaundice, such baby will/must be kept under a phototherapy light or sun lamp. Baby with Premature birth or jaundice have high bilirubin level and must be kept under light to reduce the bilirubin in the blood to remove jaundice from such baby’s blood.

According to experts, there is no fear for babies with jaundice as the case is not that much serious and, as long as they were kept for sometimes under light, the minor problem will be solved.
Hearty to Jay Z and Beyoncé with their twins and Ivy Blues, nothing will shake the Music Royal family.

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