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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Jail Break in DR Congo: 11 Killed, 900 Escaped At Jail Attack By Unknown Assailants In Kangwayi Prison

Prison Break in DR Congo: 900 Prisoners Escaped, 11 Were Killed After Kangwayi Prison Was Attacked By Unknown Assailants

So sad on Sunday in Democratic Republic of Congo where eleven (11) inmates lose their live untimely after they were killed when an unknown group of gunmen suddenly attack a jail. During the jail attack in DR Congo's restive east, almost Nine hundred (900) inmates escaped successfully from the prison yard.

Julien Paluku who is the governor of North Kuvi province said to the reporters that the prison was attacked by assailants who their identity is not revealed at 3:30pm. He said:

    "The Kangwayi prison in Beni was attacked at3:30 pm(1330 GMT) by assailants whose identity is not yet known."


He continued that when the unknown gunmen and the prison's security officers were in bullet and riffles' feud, eleven people were confirmed dead:

    "In the exchange of fire between security forces and the attackers, authorities have (counted) 11 dead including eight members of the security forces."

He added:

    "For the moment, out of 966 prisoners, there are only 30 left in the prison."

Paluku also said that the area where the prison is sited, Beni and the neighboring town if Butembo were currently under curfew from 6:30pm. He said:

    "Only police officers and soldiers should be out from this time."

After the cruel shedding of eleven innocent bloods, the government of DR Congo has blamed the Allied Democratic Forces, ADF, on a rebel which appeared to be dominated by Ugandan Muslims.

It's so coincidental, the ADF have attacked a police station and a prosecutor's office in Kinshasa while they killed a police officer and seriously injured four officers following series of attack in the last three weeks.

The assailants attack also follows the two recent jail break in DR Congo last month. More than a dozen of prisoners also escaped from dilapidated prison in Kasangulu which is also located in Kinshasa.

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