In ILESA, A Vulcanizer Was Arrested By Street Thugs After He Sold An Old Man Tyres & Threatened To Slap The Old Man

In ILESA, Osun state, Street Thugs Arraigned A Vulcanizer Who Threatened To Slap An Old Man After He Allegedly Sold The Old Man’s Tyres

This Is An Eye-Witness Report in ILESA on June 14th, 2017 around 7:47pm.

It’s too vulgar when a young man said he will slap an old man who worth to be his father. According to the report reaching us at GbolaMedia, A young man in his 20’s age who is working as a vulcanizer threatened to slap an old man who is around 70-years old after cheating him of his possession.

Read the Eye-witness Report Below:-

Trouble Between An Old Man And His Vulcanizer In Ilesa, Osun State.

As I was just coming from my shop at Isokun in ilesa, trekking down the street gently to my house passing the main route along “Ibala Road” down to Sawmill Alfa. I was busy enjoying the mood with Justin Bieber song, ‘2U’ Ft David Guetta, suddenly, I saw a small crowd of people shouting and exchanging words but, I don’t want to direct my concern to them until I saw an old man holding a young guys’ clothes.. By this time, I was so eager to know what is happening.

Before I approach them, I took my Nokia C5-03 Symbian OS phone with 5MP camera to took some snaps of the scenario. I later walked up to them.

On getting there, I heard the old man pledging that he will make sure he deal mercilessly with the young man. I later discovered that the young man is a vulcanizer who have sold the old man’s four pieces of his car.

The man said:

    “Imagine, I gave remove the set of four tyres from one of car and gave it to this boy to help me sell it, in order to repair my second car which has developed some faults a couple of Weeks ago but, this riff-raff sold the tyres without giving me a penny and he is threatening me that he will slap me if I ask for the money again.”

By this time, some pedestrians are stopping-by to feed their eyes with some food. Among the pedestrians were some young boys living in the street, they pleaded the old man to loose his clothes and pray to resolve the matter amicably but the old man refused to concede to what they said. The old Man keep emphasising that “He said he will slap me as old as I am”.

In response to what the old man said, the vulcanizer said:

    “I have told him that the customer who bought the tyres from hasn’t pay and I have promised him that I will make sure I collect the money tomorrow and hand it over to him but he refused to listen to him. He thought I have dupe him.”

    Then, a young man asked “can you tell us where that customer you sold the tyres for, resides?” The vulcanizer answered, “he is just my customer and I don’t know where he resides but, I usually see him passing this way (pointing to a direction).”

    The young guys at the venue Said, if not for the open place they are, they will have beat the vulcanizer for disrespecting, threatening and cheating the old man. Just in an instant, two women joined us, the first woman is begging the old man while the second woman is busy slapping the vulcanizer saying he will rot in prison if he dare to slap the man. She added that the vulcanizer have no relative and yet, he is passing his boundary.

    Immediately, a “Bajaj” motorcycle with three young guys on it suddenly stopped, I saw one of them smoking weed and the other guys were telling the old man to leave the case to them and, they will make sure they deal with the matter judiciously. The old man answered, “Please, do not interfere, am begging you… I will solve it myself.”

    I think the people living in the area have really know these guys because, they are begging these three young men not to interfere but they refused. One of them said, they don’t like indiscipline and disrespecting elders.

    Finally, they arraigned the vulcanizer and forced him up on their motorcycle to somewhere hidden. When these guys who arraigned the vulcanizer were going, I can clearly heard the people especially the kids in the street saying they will mercilessly deal with the vulcanizer… “They beats people any how, they are too cruel and bad. Only God knows what will happen to this Young vulcanizer this night,” – A pedestrian said.

    That’s the end of the report we received. We shall try to investigate this matter tomorrow. In case of any update, we will also post it here. Watch out!!!


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