Govenor Nasir El-Rufai Is The Judas & Enemy of President Buhari’s Government of Change – Senator Shehu Sani

Who Is The “Judas” of President Buhari’s Government? – Answer: The Judas of President Buhari’s Government is Kaduna Stat...

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Who Is The “Judas” of President Buhari’s Government? – Answer: The Judas of President Buhari’s Government is Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai. Read below >>

“Governor Nasir El-Rufai Of Kaduna Is The Judas In President Buhari’s Government of Change” – Senator Shehu Sani

It bitterly cold in Kaduna State as the Senate member of the house of NASS representing the Kaduna central, Senator Shehu Sani has been exchanging some words with the Governor of the state, Nasir El-Rufai.
Recently, the senator described Governor Nasir El-Rufai as the “Judas” of President Muhammadu Buhari’s Administration.

Senator Sani said this in a statement which was signed and released yesterday to the medias by his Adviser on Politics and Ideology, Mr. Suleiman Ahmed.
Senator Sani lamented mostly on the arrant arrests of Journalists that has criticized Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s administration.

According to Senator Shehu Sani, almost seven journalists have been arrested in the state for just criticizing Governor El-Rufai government. He, the Kaduna State governor has jailed the lijes of Pinochet or Stalins.

Senator Shehu Sani Statement on Governor Nasir El-Rufai as the “Judas” of President Muhammadu Buhari’s Government of Change Reads Thus:

    “The Journalists in Kaduna state are under pressure; blackmailed, arrested pocketted or threatened with arrest and as such could not have written such a story. El-Rufai jails journalists like Pinochet or Stalin. He is a man with a mouth for criticism but without a stomach for criticism.

    In his two years in office he has jailed not less than 7 Journalists in kaduna of which many are in court. Kaduna state is run like a personal family and friends estate without any meaningful physical achievement other than sponsored media propaganda. El-Rufai has enough money to pay Herdsmen but no money to pay district heads.Kaduna is today littered with abandoned drainages to the point that the rainy season has turned kaduna into a ‘coastal state with creeks’.He is auctioning over two thousand Government houses he inherited but he is yet to build a hut.
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    The Kaduna state Governor who in his memo accused President Muhammadu Buhari of running a failed Government has, failed also woefully. He thinks PMB failed but he never invited PMB to even commission a completed Toilet in his state. Under Elrufai, Kaduna has become a hub of Kidnappers and a sanctuary for Herdsmen. The very Governor who once condemned the National Assembly for lack of transparency has proven to be worse. El-Rufai wants to be seen as an apostle of Buhari’s change but he is actually the Judas of change.”


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