From Spain, 23 Nigerians Were Deported Again For Committing Offences

From Spain, 23 Nigerians Were Deported For Committing Various Offences

Recently, about 179 Nigerians voluntarily deported themselves from Libya and this has been the case a couple of months ago. Yesterday, another 23 citizens of Nigeria were also deported from Spain by Spanish government for their felonious acts in the country.

The 23 deported Nigerians followed the immediate deportation of 34 Nigerians who were sent back to this country, Nigeria from six European countries also for committing some felonious act of Immigration-related offences.

According to the Police official, Joshua Alabi who was the spokesman of the Lagos Airport Police Command said the 23 deported citizens which consists of 21 males and 2 females, were deported to Nigeria in a grand style aircraft with EC-IZO as its registration number.

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The Police official also added that the deported citizens were welcomed by Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Person, NAPTIP officers including the police officers and officials of NDLEA & National Immigration Service respectively.

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With respect to Alabi, 9 out of the deported citizens were on deportation with others due to drug-related offences and were handed over to officials of National Drug Law and Enforcement Agency, NDLEA and 2 of them deportees who were on deportation due to criminal offences were handed over to the police and the remaining 12 were deported due to accusation of going against the country’s immigration rules and they were set free to go to their different destinations.

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