Falz: I Am Single And Searching For True Love But, It’s So Difficult

Is Falz Married or Single? Falz – “I Am Still Single Because, Finding True Love Has Been Hard For Me.” Everybody would/could have be...

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Is Falz Married or Single?

Falz – “I Am Still Single Because, Finding True Love Has Been Hard For Me.”

Everybody would/could have been asking different questions pertaining to this: “Is Falz ‘AKA the Bahd Guy’ Married or Single?” Yes, if you are among the lads that has been so inquisitive about this veteran comic rapper’s relationship life, here, Falz himself has prepared the right answer(s) for you.

The “Softwork” crooner, rapper and Lawyer, Folarin Falana, also known as Falz the bahd guy has recently revealed that he is single, not yet married because to him, finding that true love he has been aiming has become a failure for him.

During his interview session with HipTV, Falz said the ladies has been attracted to him not because they really want to date or have a close relationship with him but they comes closer to him because of what they wanted to collect from him – the money and just materials, he said.

Falz revealed clearly in an interview the reason why he is still single:

    “You see, when it comes to the matter of having a bae or a soulmate, it is quite difficult for me because naturally nowadays, what we normally see at large on social media platforms and even in real life are girls that just want to come close to you because of what they want to get from you.

Falz said some girls are not the type that appreciate whatever you do or give to them and, that is what he needed:

    They are not girls that appreciate you for what you really have, and that is what I’m searching for. But it’s difficult to find; the ladies that come close to me tell me that they want to record a snap chat video, they want to post a picture with me online and all that, they want to exploit my celebrity status to become popular. I’m looking for someone that truly and genuinely has true feelings for me; as I am like this it is very difficult and I’m still searching.”

So ladies, how many of you meet his taste? You’ve read it well above, Falz didn’t said he need somebody who is rich or “a celebrity girlfriend” here. All he said he needed is someone who will truly love him unconditionally.
It’s now left to you… I’m not a lady else, I would have seized this opportunity to profess my love to him.. So, if I were you, I will just open up.. Lol.

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