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Friday, 23 June 2017

Falz Advices Nigerian Singers To Stop Glorifying Fraud and Fraudsters In Their Song But Received Bitter Shading From Nigerians

Falz Called On Fellow Singers To Stop Glorifying Fraud and Fraudsters In Their Lyrics - He Was Later Shaded By Fans on Social Media

Falz Advice To Fellow Nigerian Entertainers To Stop Glorifying Fraud and Corrupt Practices in Their Song That Was Later Got Him Into Trouble

Recently, our one and only comic rapper in Nigeria, Falz 'The Bahd Guy' had a brief interview with one of the popular TV host, HipTV where he revealed that he is still single and searching for a 'bae' but, the processes of finding true love has been so difficult for him. He made mention that most ladies he had met are just 'gold-digger' and, he is not ready to fall into fake love's vibe.

Also, during the interview with HipTV, Falz called on Nigerian singers like him to stop giving praise to the fraudsters especially the popular 'Yahoo-Yahoo' gangs, he said that anything that will glorify Fraud and insult should totally be removed in their lyrics.

He continued that those lyrics that is embedded with Fraudulent activities, glorifying fraud and the fraudsters are the type that corrupts the mind of younger and upcoming generations. He added that Musicians should be an epitome of good characters and should be able to impact good norms, lessons, and culture to the younger generations not serve as bad example for them.

How Falz Was Shaded For Saying Nigerian Entertainers Should Should Stop Glorifying Fraud and Fraudsters In Their Lyrics

As if fans on Falz's Social media page has been waiting for him to give such advice, after saying that, his topic began to go viral on the Social media networks. Only God knows who truly loves us - that is Falz's issue which later showcase itself publicly.

Nigerians started reacting bitterly to Falz's advice on social medias.
The most common words the fans were insinuating on is that, Falz allowed Davido to insult Dele Momodu In his "Bad Badoo Baddest" hit single which features Olamide. After allowing a featured artiste to insult an elderly man in his song, Falz is now coming out to start preaching nonsense.

Falz was described as an Hypocrite looking for trouble and trying to withdrew more attention to himself. Some fans also relate him to a 419 that, there is actually no difference between Falz and what he is preaching. They asked him to go and mind his own and stop giving dried advice.

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