Dammy Krane released from Miami Prison With $7,500 Bail Condition

Dammy Krane Granted Bail Out of Miami Prison With $7,500

Goodness! Veteran Nigerian “EnterKraner”, Dammy Krane who was arrested in Miami for alleged fraud and grand theft has been granted bail. With respect to the reports received from Miami-Dade County Criminal Justice Online System, singer Dammy Krane pleaded that he is not guilty for the charges imposed on him, he therefore requested for trial by jury and also chose the option of a waiver pre-trial conference.

The singer is not totally broke as he can afford the $7,500 bail condition set him. Deborah Prager, who was his defense general is now changed to Courtney Erik.
Dammy Krane will face the Miami court for court hearing on June 23, 2017 at exactly 9:15am.

Dammy Krane was arrested in Miami airport for allegedly booking private jets trip with stolen credit card and other felonious charges.


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