Dammy Krane: I Do Not Fraud, Miami Arrest Is a Misunderstanding

Dammy Krane: I Do Not Fraud, My Agent Used Stolen Credit card Not Me

Still on the issue of Dammy Krane Theft arrest in Miami, the news hit the internet so quick when he was nabbed for using stolen credit card to book a private jet trip. During Dammy Krane arrest, we didn’t heard anything from him maybe to deny and argue to the charges laid upon him but fans, foes and other celebrities here in Nigeria and other places especially, on social media has been shading and criticizing him.

As God have it, Dammy Krane was released yesterday on bail condition of $7,500 from Miami prison yesterday and, this is the perfect time to hear his side.

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In an exclusive video obtained by NotJustOk, Dammy Krane made the first smiling after his arrest, he pleaded his fans that he has no connection with the fraud accusation. Read his statement below:-

    ‘I do not do fraud, I do not partake in such activities. It just happened that the agent booked my flight with fraudulent cards’.

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