Cristiano Ronaldo Cut His Curly Hair So Low To Celebrates The Champions League Victory

Cristiano Ronaldo Cut His Curly Hair Low To Celebrate Real Madrid’s Victory at This Season Champions League

Cristiano Ronaldo is now a firm legend when it comes to football game in the universe. Being the most famous and highest paid footballer in the world, and breaking “Five Whooping World Records” after this season edition of Champions league, the football mogul has gone to the extent of cutting that his curly and blonde hair so low just to celebrates the Real Madrid victory at this season edition of Champions League.

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Cristiano Ronaldo who came to limelight of fame and wealth at Manchester United, he always had a fairly and almost similar hairstyle and that is Gel, occasionally Blonde and bit curly.

After his two netted goals in the 4-1 victory against Juventus, C. Ronaldo has helped Real Madrid to attained their third champions league title in four years and, CR7 thinks to go for a new look, that his hair is gone!

It’s so dramatic change for a man who takes his prestige very earnest to take that bravery decision.

How do you think his millions fans will react to Cristiano Ronaldo new haircut?

The response is somehow mixed as some of his fans said the new look of him is so cute and handsome while some fans were not happy with the new hair cut.

Now left to you, What do you think of Cristiano Ronaldo new haircut?

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