Cristiano Ronaldo Could Be Jailed After Madrid’s Court Accused Him of Evading €14.7 million Tax

Madrid Court Accuse Cristiano Ronaldo of Evading Tax Up To €14.7 million

A court which has its seat in Madrid, Spain has accused the richest, famous and best footballer in the world of evading the total sum of €14.7 million tax between 2011 and 2014. If you can remember also that, Neymar was also accused of evading tax before but, it seems the Spain is out of cash and they needed to refund it on the richest, most famous and world best player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

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From the Madrid Court’s Prosecutor’s office, an excerpt from the statement released expatiated that Cristiano Ronaldo has been hiding his revenue in order to miss the payment of his tax. The statement reads:

    ”Ronaldo, a four-time Ballon d’Or winner, had used a business structure created in 2010 to hide the revenue generated by his image rights from the Spanish treasury, a voluntary and conscious breach.”

Gestifute, the sports agency representing Cristiano Ronaldo at the court has not said anything pertaining to the matter but unfortunately, if CR7 is afterwards found to be guilty, he could be arraigned and sentenced to serve time in Prison. Although, he is currently suspended just lil his greatest contender, Lionel Messi who was fined $2.3 million last month for defrauding the Spanish tax authorities and received 21-months suspended jail sentence.


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