Cristiano Ronaldo Beats Five World Records After 2017 Edition of Champions League

Five World Records Broken By Cristiano Ronaldo After Winning The 2017 Edition of Champions League

It was a tough but exciting football match yesterday night as the duo of Real Madrid and Juventus Battled for the Champions League cup. With the grace on Real Madrid’s side, they won it (Cheers!!!).

But, Real Madrid’s success by winning the 2017 edition of Champions League cup can never be sealed without acknowledging the efforts and success of the world most famous and highest paid football player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Yesterday, after the end of the champions league match between R. Madrid and Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo broke five whooping records in the history of football game in the world.

Below are the Five Records Broken By Cristiano Ronaldo After Winning The 2017 Edition of Champions League:-

1• Cristiano Ronaldo is the First Player To Score In Three Champion League Finals – I know this is a great achievement for him.

2• Cristiano Ronaldo Beat FC Barca star, Lionel Messi to End game as the Top Scorer in This Season’s Champions League matches. He is currently the top scorer in champions league in the world – More than being a milestone.

3• Cristiano Ronaldo Scored his 600th goal in football games (combination of both country and club’s goals). He has also netted the R. Madrid’s 500th champions league goals.

4• Cristiano Ronaldo Make the record to be the 20th Footballer in history to win Four or more European cups.

5• Cristiano Ronaldo Has Been on the same level with Raul who has made 144 appearances in Champions league matches.

CR7 is really a role model when it comes to football and achieving merits, awards, success and fame. Kudos to his joints.


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