Church’s Business: ATM Installed At Pastor Tunde Bakare’s Church In Lagos

Church Business: ATM Installed At Pastor Tunde Bakare’s Church In Lagos

This is incredible stunning and crazy… Did I say crazy? Well, I shouldn’t have said that, everybody is facing recession. Government and private organizations are striving hard to meet up with the economic challenges in the country, the religious institutions are also trying to put their business’ formats to next and latest level. So, what shall we do?

As seen in the picture here in this post, it is an Automated Teller Machine popularly referred to as “ATM” which was found and captured at a church in Lagos state. Hope you know the main plight behind the installation of ATM in the church? They are just taking the church’s business to next level.

In some churches, they collects fees like tithes, offering, donations and other imposed fees either through sets of tray or boxes stationed at some open places in the church. But, the case is entirely different to that of Pastor Tunde Bakare’s church in Lagos state. The church has advanced to the recent global online transactions. They have well-installed ATM gallery that member of the church could use to make either tithes payment or any other forms of cash you may want to present to the church.

According to the Facebook sharer, he said a man who saw the Church and its ATM gallery almost faint when he was at the church.

Are you thinking that the end is near? Let me shift and close my ears before you start calling different names.

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