An American, Marco Ramirez Remanded In Kirikiri Prison For Duping Three Nigerians’ Company Directors Out of $565,000

An American Citizen, Marco Ramirez Was Remanded At Kirikiri Prison For Duping Three Nigerians In A $565,000 Green Card & Investment Scam

Marco Ramirez who is an American citizen was arrested and remanded at the Kirikiri Prison after court order from Ikeja High Court for Scamming the total sum of $565,000 from three Nigeria citizens in a felonious plight to get them Green card and also to invest in one of the victim’s business.

The defaulter, Marco Ramirez who was remanded in Ikeja High Court by Justice Josephine Oyefeso after the EFCC arrested him, pleaded not guilty to any of the 16-count charge filed against him for collecting money from three Nigerians under false pretenses.

According to Prosecutor O. Aigboje who is an EFCC official said, Marco Ramirez allegedly duped three managing directors of three different companies namely: Eagleford Instalodge Group, USA Now Capital Group and Eagleford Instalodge between February and August 2013.

According to the EFCC Prosecutor, Ramirez had obtained the sum of $545,000 from Godson Echejue in pretense of investing in his company at Eaglefold Instalodge Group with the wholesome plight of procuring an American Green Card for him.

Marco Ramirez also fraudulently obtained the sum of $10,000 from Abubakar Umar in order to make him eligible to live conveniently in America through a non-existence investment programme in the US.

Marco Ramirez was also accused by EFCC for receiving the sum of $10,000 illegally from Olukayode Sodimu under the felonious pretense that the money collected from him will be used to fund the facilitation fees with the AIS (America Immigration Services) for a green card.

The EFCC prosecutor, O. Aigboje urged the High Court to remand Ramirez In Prison till the time when he will be face his trial but Marco Ramirez’s councel, Chukwudi Maduka also urged the court not to put his client into prison as he was on EFCC Administrative bail.

But finally, the EFCC prosecutor said the EFCC Administrative bail on Marco Ramirez was overstretched and insisted that he should be sent to prison but in the judge, Justice Oyefeso’s ruling, she ordered that the defendant, Marco Ramirez should be remanded in Prison until July 3 for bail application hearing.


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