A Big Baboon Was Killed In Aramoko-Ekiti After It Was Found Roaming Around The Streets

In Aramoko-Ekiti, A Baboon Found Roaming Around The Streets Was Killed By Youths & Hunters It was indeed a scene of excitement mixed with frighte...

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In Aramoko-Ekiti, A Baboon Found Roaming Around The Streets Was Killed By Youths & Hunters

It was indeed a scene of excitement mixed with frightened as a Baboon was found roaming the streets of Aramoko-Ekiti, a place where food in never cooked in an open place.

The baboon was found in Oke-Oja street, the so-called biggest street in Aramoko-Ekiti which can be located at the outskirt of the town along Erijiyan-Ekiti road. According to the Facebook users who shared their experiences, they said it was the first time seeing such animal in daylight roaming the street and no one could guess how the Baboon entered the town.

Although Baboon are not know to be dangerous or harmful and are said to be dangerous sometimes when they feel threatened. According to Wikipedia, “Baboons are African and Arabian Old World monkeys which belongs to the “Papio” genus and part of the Cercopithecinae subfamily. The five species are some of the largest non-hominoid members of the primateorder; only the mandrill and the drillare larger. Previously, the closely related gelada (genus Theropithecus) and the two species (mandrill and drill) of genus Mandrilluswere grouped in the same genus, and these Old World monkeys
are still often referred to as baboons in everyday speech. They range in size and weight depending on species. The Guinea baboonis 50 cm (20 in) and weighs only 14 kg (31 lb), while the largest chacma babooncan be 120 cm (47 in) and weigh 40 kg (88 lb).”

According to the Facebook users, the baboon was nabbed and killed by some youths and some nearby hunters in the street. As seen in the pictures (via this post), the Baboon is very big but what became doubts to the citizens and residents of Aramoko-Ekiti is how it entered the street, where it was coming from, where it’s going and the major part of the questions asked by some of the witnesses is that, is it just a mere appearance or something “Spiritual”?

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When one of the witnesses at the scene was reporting what happened to GbolaMedia Exclusive, she said alot of miraculous things has been happening in Aramoko-Ekiti a couple of weeks ago. Recently before a Baboon roamed into the town, there is a particular house in Aramoko-Ekiti, also at Oke-Oja street to be precised, where stones were seen falling from “no where”.

Aramoko-Ekiti is one of the famous town in Ekiti State, it’s a nodal town which linked to places within and outside Ekiti State. The town was respected for maintaining perfect traditions and orderliness and it is the seat of Ekiti West Local Government’s Headquarters.


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