Zayden Wright, A 7-years-old Boy With Congenital Heart Disease Achieved His Dream By Becoming First Youngest To Visit The Saturn Planet In Outer Space

Zayden Wright, A 7-years-old Boy With Congenital Heart Disease Achieved His Dream In Life For Being The First Youngest To Visit The Saturn Planet In Outer Space

Zayden Wright, a 7-years-boy becomes the first youngest ever in the world to visit Saturn. Zayden Wright is a patient of a chronicle Congenital heart disease who has always dreams to visit the Saturn planet. (*Note: Saturn is the 6th Planet in the universe*). This greatest dream of Zayden Wright to visit the outer space was made possible by Virtual Reality.

As the 7-years-old landed in the space, he felt so excited seeing himself achieving what he has been dreaming of. His video was recorded in the space and watching the video will make you so happy. why? Because, this boy has no assurance maybe he will live longer on earth with respect to his life battle with congenital heart disease and it feels so good that, he achieved his dream before he died with the help of Virtual Reality.

Zayden Wright Heart Disease Before Visiting Saturn

Zayden Wright has been tested and diagnosed with three different heart diseases immediately after he was born prematurely in an emergency C-section and since then, he had undergone three open heart surgeries to no avail with regular medical treatments from veteran doctors.

Zayden Wright’s Dream To Visit Outer Space

Although Zayden Wright has congenital heart disease but, he is like other boys who dreams to become either this or that in their life, Zayden Wright greatest dream is to visit the outer space.

Reports about him from his mother, Shonda Wright read thus:

    “He’s fascinated with the stars and planets and astronauts, It was always the sky. As a little boy, he’ll look up at the sky and say, ‘Let’s make a wish. And his wish, though seemingly impossible, was made possible by Make-A-Wish Foundation.”

Zayden Wright’s wish to visit the outer space was made possible when his father had a conversation with him to find out what Zayden thinks about the outer space but, unknown to to Zayden, his mother recorded all his views and wish to visit the outer space and sent the recorded tape to a team which includes former astronaut, who aimed to redesign space in Virtual Reality with respect to what Zayden wish to see.

And finally after long anticipating preparation, Zayden was invited by the team after a year and was asked to wear his space suit, put on his VR headset, strap into a model rocket and travelled to the outer space.

His father said:

    “That day when they revealed his mission, he cried tears of joy for the first time ever. He created his way of going out there. My son’s imagination got him there. Zayden was the one who kept us strong. Zayden keeps smiling.”

What Zayden Wright Will Not Be Able To Do Again

Unfortunately, Zayden Wright Will not be able to participate in any forms of sport activities due to his heart condition.
His mother said, her son has received the greatest trophy in his life and that was his visit to the Outer Space in Saturn.


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